Our resources are finite and our impact lasts for generations. We believe great things can happen with small steps. 


Here at Carrigbyrne, we believe that in order to be sustainable, we must treat our people, resources and environment as our most precious assets. As a business we feel that it is our duty to do our part to make the world a better place and we are firm believers that every little bit counts. Therefore, on the farm, numerous projects have been set up to foster our commitment towards a sustainable future. 

One large initiative on the farm and cheese-rooms has been the installation of a biogas plant. Biogas is a renewable energy source which comes from the anaerobic digestion process. The plant generates electricity and heat using methane captured from our farm andcheese by-products. This helps to significantly reduce our business’s carbon footprint. It was the first plant of its kind in Ireland and is something we are very proud of!

Another project is our organic waste recycling plant which turns organic waste from the farm, cheese and local businesses into environmentally friendly fertilizer and energy. This is a project that Paddy and Charlie have personally worked on for the past few years.

Origin Green


In terms of sustainability schemes, one of the key programs that Carrigbyrne has enrolled in is Origin green, an initiative set up by Bord Bia to drive sustainable businesses across Irish food a drink producers. The Origin green concept is simple; companies sign up and agree on targets to improve performance in areas such as emissions, energy, waste, water and so on and confirm commitment to this at top level. Progress towards the targets are then verified with Bord Bia.

In 2009 Carrigbyrne were awarded the Irish Food Writers guild award for a positive effect on the environment. We will continue to research and explore all options related to sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint as we continue to produce our award-winning cheese.